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Who We Serve

We specialize in taking your business to the next level by integrating technology into what you do. Applying our 5+ years of experience allows us to empower you to continually exceed, even when technology changes, so you can focus on what you do best! AeonX Digital Solutions is powered by its people. The company is built on experience, passion for technology, doing the job right, and exceeding customer expectations. We thrive on bringing you a customized solution that allows your business to thrive.


We at AeonX cater to the manufacturing industry for a wholesome ERP solution. It helps in managing the entire manufacturing and production process as per the industry requirements.

  • It facilitates the manufacturing industry in adopting a sophisticated approach for its IT solutions.
  • An efficient supply-chain network is developed to gain speed and efficiency.
  • Product lifecycle management is done to enhance profitability and for better customer satisfaction.
  • Manufacturing enterprise solutions help in executing end to end results in a diversified domain.
  • Resource optimization, asset utilization to delivering products, the whole process can be customized. It results in a remarkable outcome as per the industry demands.


The mining industry has a lot of technical mechanisms linked to it. AeonX helps you become efficient and productive. Let us help you make mining operations more responsive, transparent, and easy.

  • It helps in optimizing the mining process.
  • It helps in gathering data in one place.
  • Helps in optimizing production.
  • It helps in managing the supply chain and distribution process.
  • Our solutions include components (not limited to this) marketing, accounting, pricing, distribution, transportation, logistics, stock projection (demand/supply), sale and purchase, operational risk and compliance management, warehouse/asset management, etc.


The logistics industry needs tools that are easily adaptive and flexible which helps in optimizing functions. In this digital world, our solutions help you improve your overall productivity.

  • We help you grow digitally with innovative ideas and business models that help you meet your business demands.
  • It facilitates improved cost, value, and customer satisfaction that helps in increasing revenue.
  • SAP ERP solutions provide the most innovative techniques for tracking logistics. It helps accelerate functions and transactions.
  • Our solutions help bring revolution in the industry by minimizing errors and maintaining complete control over its functionality.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and instantly accesses real-time data.


SAP for the chemical industry provides an all-inclusive solution needed to excel and stand out in the industry.

  • There is constant innovation in the chemical industry therefore, to match its pace one needs to keep its products, processes, and business models upgraded.
  • Our solutions include in-built sample documents which include safety measures, product details, and service quality.
  • Our solutions help foresee risks and opportunities leading to better decision making.
  • Sales orders, deliveries, and stocks are kept updated and easily accessible.


The pharmaceutical industry is the fastest growing industry with significant changes in technology and business models. We at AeonX help you progress with the evolving technology of the industry.

  • To stay in the market and retain your position, one needs to fit in the environment and adapt to changes consistently.
  • With the established tools and technology you can enhance your profitability and efficiency.
  • What products to be produced and at what price it has to be circulated in the market can be found out with efficient research & development.
  • It helps in providing improved product and quality with an optimized supply chain globally, resulting in increased revenue.