The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Who We Are

About Us

We are one of the best SAP consultants in the industry offering world-class innovative high-tech solutions. We also develop AWS for SAP on AWS and other DevOps projects. We have a team that excels in knowledge and experience. Our experts provide solutions with vast understanding and follow refined strategies of development and problem-solving. With the expertise of our team, we continually endeavor to yield higher ROI and strive to attain high-value solutions for our clients.

Our aim is to convey powerful, adaptable, scalable, inventive, and quality solutions for business organization of every size.(SMEs to Fortune 500 Companies).

“AeonX Digital Solutions”– Value Proposition

  • Our core expertise includes consulting in ERP, Problem Solving, IT Strategy, and System Integrations.
  • Our innovative implementation methodology that enables minimum fuss, reduced project costs, high quality, and quick ROI.
  • Our experts also excel in SAP cross-component knowledge systems i.e. knowledge on 3rd party tools with the consent of SAP.
  • We provide high-quality resource pool enablement with vast domain and product knowledge.
  • We offer effective change management programs supplemented by quality training to stay updated and high-tech.
  • We focus on clients, we help develop solutions to help them reduce long term costs and achieve in house strong sustainability.
  • Our innovative business model results in low operating costs and the benefits of this model are passed on to our clients.


AeonX Digital Solutions took its first strides in the IT industry in 2015 with a tenured and versatile team. We began as SAP consultants and quickly segued into providing wholistic ERP consulting, IT strategies, system integration, and problem-solving solutions.

Over the last 5 years, we have seamlessly provided SAP managed application services coupled with infrastructure and security support to our clients; after exceeding our client expectations, we have enabled them to further explore options of enhancing their external digital footprint in marketing, tendering and procurement.

AeonX has emerged from the lineage of a 60 year old global multinational conglomerate. With the critical mass of relevant experience and expertise to achieve excellence in Information Technology services, we are keen to enlarge our footprint across cutting edge domains. We believe in attaining sustainability by providing the best of services and optimal solutions, resulting in long term relationships.

Our experts with knowledge, experience, and dedication have already built lasting relationships which have deepened with the sophistication of our clients IT requirements. We strive to and excel in imparting over-all value pack services.

Thus far we have been known to provide bespoke solutions across Manufacturing, Mining, Logistics, Chemical, and Pharmaceuticals industries.


Our Mission is to furnish our customers with high-quality, innovative and future-proof solutions. We see ourselves as enablers who help their customers seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology across functions while carefully calibrating the cost and speed of implementation. Our solutions shall result in satisfied customers with the most practical, upgraded and cost-effective technology.

AeonX Digital Solutions believes that our culture of the pursuit of excellence percolates from the work place into the lives of our team members and eventually to the community as a whole.


Our vision is to take your business to the next level and beyond by integrating technology and directing innovation in your process. Our 5+ years of experience permits us to engage you to ceaselessly overcome technology changes. You get to concentrate on what you excel at!

AeonX Digital Solutions is fueled by its people. The organization is based on experience, passion for technology, devotion towards innovation, carrying out the responsibility right, and surpassing client expectations. We thrive on bringing you customized solutions that allow your business to flourish. We aim to grow with you.